About me

My name is kesang , I am a food enthusiast who enjoys cooking and eating too. I am starting this blog as a part of my university assignments but this is also one of my hobbies to share some amazing Vegan recipes from the enchanting land of the Thunder Dragon.

Although Bhutanese traditional dishes have some influence from across the borders like Tibet (China) and India yet Bhutanese cuisines have its distinctive identity best known for its fiery and spicy taste because Chili  pepper ( fresh/sun dried) is used as vegetable and consumed widely. The most famous dish/ the national dish of Bhutan is the Ema Datsi ( Chili Cheese) which is of course consumed with rice. Chili pepper is used in every dishes. The recipes I share in this blog will be the Bhutanese traditional dishes that I am comfortable cooking.

I do not have any expertise in cooking but picked up trades and tricks from my mother and elders along the way who actually allows me to cook for them whenever I am home.And these recipes doesn’t need any expert hands either as it require only basic knowledge on cooking.

My interest to share the recipes sprang out of the blue because i love to blog and food is all I can think of sharing at this moment. I am a non-veg but I prefer vegetables as I love greens. Both my parents have turned vegetarian and I dedicate this blog to them. I admire the courage of all those people who have decided to become vegetarian.

I trust that people who are trying to quit eating meat will find some solace in this blog.