Jaju ( Turnip leaves)

Jaju (turnip leaves soup)


This is a wonderful soup originally made form dried turnip leaves. People collect home grown turnip leaves and sun-dry them in the autumn sun and store in cellar to use in winter. This is a side dish and usually cooked when you have other main dishes cooked in less water. It is also prepared and holds a special place during events and festivals when a variety of foods are cooked. It is consumed along with rice and curry.

When the farmers harvest turnips in Autumn, they remove the leaves and dry them in the sun.

Photo courtesy-google

dsc_7314 Photo courtesy-google

Preparing jaju is very easy with minimal ingredients. It does not involve lengthy preparation procedure either. Jaju can be cooked by anyone interested.

People in Urban areas have switched to lentils which we call dal (imported from the neighboring country) and very less people eat Jaju now a days. The last time I remember having jaju was during a family event at my sister’s place two years ago and today but not turnip leaves.

I went out to Footscray market looking for turnip leaves to prepare this soup; unfortunately I couldn’t see anyone selling them. So instead I brought some fresh spinach and happy to see that it turned out so well and tasted almost like the ones made from turnip leaves.

This one is prepared with less chillies so that my foreign friends can enjoy it just like they do one of their own cuisine.


Dried turnip leaves( spinach in this case)

Preparation Time- 10 Minutes

1/2 Onion

1-2 chillies

1-2 garlic cloves

1 small ginger

1/2 class milk

oil and salt to taste



Wash and finely chop the spinach into small pieces as shown above.


cut onions and chillies into small pieces followed by garlic and ginger. ( Garlic and Ginger can be mashed in a pestle if you have one).


Take half a pot of water, and put on heat. Add all the ingredients ( sprinkle some salt and 2 spoonful of cooking oil) in the hot water ( except for garlic and ginger).


Now add half glass of milk and stir for a while.


Let it boil for 3 minutes and when its dark green and milky remove from the heat. Don’t let the water dry, its better served cooked in more water.

Your Jaju for tonight is ready to be served.


7 thoughts on “Jaju ( Turnip leaves)

  1. thank you for the recipe however I couldnt make as tasty as yours..ll try again next time until it taste perfect 🙂


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