Kewa Datsi ( Potato and Cheese)


Next to the classy Ema Datsi is the most favorite Kewa Datsi which can be either hot or mild in taste (it depends on the amount of chillies you add). It is easy to prepare, requires very few ingredients and is delightfully tasty. Here you have the option of using red chili powder which adds color and flavor to the dish.

While this makes a lovely supper, you can have it for lunch or brunch with some green salads.

Serves 4, Prepration time- 10 Minutes

3 large potatoes ( I would prefer medium but at the moment I used what’s available. Medium size would be easy to cut and also gives a better shape)

1/4 tomatoes

1 small Onion

A small piece of ginger

3 cloves of garlic

Oil and salt

2-3 slices of cheese


1. Wash, peel and cut potatoes into small pieces or as shown in the picture

2.Place it in a pot/pan, add a cup of water, oil and salt. Cook it over a medium heat with the lid on for 4 minutes.

3.When the potato is almost cooked, add the finely cut chillies, onions and tomatoes. Then add cheese. lower the heat, put the lid on and keep for 1 minute.

4.Then stir well, add crushed/ finely cut garlic and ginger, stir again and remove from heat.

5.Do not keep too much water in the dish and don’t let it dry completely either. add little water each time it gets low.

Now your Kewa Datsi is ready to be served.


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