Hello and welcome to my green kitchen

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This is a vegetarian food blog with some of the most exotic Bhutanese Vegetarian Cuisines displayed. The most amazingly hot and spicy cuisines in the world you have ever tasted      ( however, we do not add any additives or spices). Cheese is generously used in every dishes even in salads, most people prefer home made fresh cheese to make ema datsi and kewa datsi.

Being a landlocked country the unique culture and tradition of Bhutan has been preserved since time immemorial and remained in isolation and away from foreign influences. It opened its doors to the outside world only in the 70s. The high value low volume tourism policy makes it possible only for prearranged and guided tours.

With the doors open to the outside world  Urban Bhutanese have develop taste for western foods, however, our very own traditional ubiquitous Ema Datsi and Kewa Datsi remains favorites at home, during festivals and public gatherings. People in Rural Bhutan grow their own vegetables and keep livestock for cheese and other purposes. This link should tell you more about its food and culture.

If you like hot and spicy food then I bet you will love each and every recipes that I will be sharing here. Rice is our staple food so every spicy dishes will be served with rice.

If you are a foodie and you are after an adventure then you have come to the right place. All recipes are easy to prepare takes only a couple of minutes to cook and involves a few steps of preparation- in a quick easy steps.

The good news is that my recipes do not require  any extravagant tools in your kitchen, it’s that simple. And no meat stuffs at all. Lets eat green and maintain a healthy life.

If you want to learn more about Bhutan and its culture/ you are interested to visit then go to www.jamyangjimpapatravel.com